You Said, We Did...

This page is designed to keep all stakeholders at Greenhill informed about how we have responded to feedback and the actions we have taken as a result. We really appreciate all feedback and are eager to ensure we are a school that appropriately represents the wishes of the community we serve.

You would like more information about your child’s class.  We introduced a ‘Meet The Teacher’ evening – feedback received on this as positive and it is something we will schedule again next year.
Parental feedback on our Sports Day was that the children didn’t participate in enough individual events. We restructured Sport Day so each child had an opportunity to compete in each event.
There isn’t enough information regarding children’s progress throughout the year. Introduced a termly report sheet and moved the Year 6 parents’ evening to February which if successful will be rolled out to other year groups in 2018/19.
There aren’t enough school trips to enhance the curriculum.  Teachers will plan at least one enrichment experience per term to enhance the learning in their topics.
 To explore different ways of communicating with parents about school life We have set up a school Facebook page and a Twitter account and our website is updated on a regular basis
 There are too few and not a wide enough range of extra-curricular clubs.  We have introduced several new extra-curricular clubs, including fencing, Actsion Sports, EdStart, Drama clubs, choir and lego club. Keep an eye out to see what else there is to come.