School Details Organisation

The school is organised into seven classes according to the ages of the children from the youngest in Reception to the oldest in Year 6. Whenever possible and by careful deployment of staff smaller working groups are created. Every endeavour is made to plan and provide an education that is suited to the individual child and complies with Government regulations.

The Deputy Headteacher is a leading professional and teaches across the school whilst supporting the day to day management of the school.

The teachers plan for a variety of teaching and learning experiences for the children. The classes can be taught as a whole class, small groups or as individuals depending on the type of learning environment required.

The school has a committed number of support staff. These include classroom assistants to support teachers and children in the classrooms, a school business manager, school administrator, a caretaker and cleaner, a cook and support staff and midday staff. All staff regularly attend in-service training to improve and enhance their skills for use in the classroom.