Parents School Meals

In 2018, we introduced ‘School Grid’ which is an online school dinner ordering and payment system.

Each day the children have different menu options to choose from, including Halal and vegetarian options.

The lunchtime staff  monitor that the children are eating their dinners and where there are concerns that children are not eating enough, over a period of time, they inform the class teacher who will inform the parents.

More information on school meals can be found here

All children from Reception to Year 2 are entitled to a free school dinner, regardless of circumstances.

From Year 3 upwards the cost is £11.50 per week (or £2.30 per day) unless your child is entitled to Free School Meals (for more information on FSM call 0161 253 6006 or e-mail

If you would like to move your child from packed lunches to school dinners (or visa versa) then inform the school office in the week before, ready to begin the following Monday.