School Staff 2018-2019

Teaching Staff and Responsibilities 2018-2019

Teaching Staff Responsibilities
Mr. S Crosier Headteacher
Mr. J Artley Deputy Headteacher
Mrs. S Burns Reception Teacher and KS 1 Leader
Mrs. A Carrick Reception Teacher
Mrs. V Lee Year 1 Teacher and SENCO
Mrs. S Ward Year 1/2 Class teacher
Miss S Wright Year 2 Teacher
Mr. M Maguire Year 3 Teacher
Mrs. S Kirby  (covering mat leave of Mrs J Artley) Year 4 Teacher
Miss N Eustice Year 5 Teacher and KS 2 Leader
Mrs C Donnelly Year 6 Teacher
Teaching Support Staff
Mrs. M Stokes Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs. L Hilton Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J Moulding Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J Mason Teaching Assistant
Mrs. L Lord Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J Amatt Teaching Assistant
Mrs. C Holt

Mr J Rowlands

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant

Miss V Whittle Teaching Assistant
Non-Teaching Support Staff
 Mrs. S Smith School Business Manager
 Mrs. S Smith Administrative Assistant
Mr D Bentley School Site Manager