Community Pre-School

Greenhill Pre-School is a registered nursery run as a charity which provides sessional day-care.

It is not a maintained school nursery and is not run by the Governors of Greenhill Primary School.

The Pre-School is a seperate annexe from the school but have permission to use some of  the school play areas.

They welcome children from 2½ years old to 4 years old.

Please contact the pre-school manager or call in at the pre-school.

Further information can be found on their website:

Pre-School – Age Range
Children enter playgroup at two and half years old. The number of sessions varies according to age and children leave pre-school when they are four.

Pre-School – Admissions 
Greenhill pre-school has a clear admissions policy based upon the following criteria in rank order of importance;

1. A child taking up all sessions provided by Greenhill pre-school for the appropriate age.
2. A child has a sibling at Greenhill primary school.
3. A child lives in the local area and intends going to Greenhill primary school.
4. Any other reason specified.

An offer of a place at the pre-school will be made in writing in the April of the year your child is due to start. A contract along with the date of the new starter parents evening will be included in this mailing.

Please note a placement at Greenhill pre-school DOES NOT guarantee a place at Greenhill Primary School.

Admissions to Greenhill primary school follow local education authority admissions procedure.

To go to Greenhill Primary School admissions policy page click here.

Pre-School – Contact
Greenhill Pre-school can be contacted by writing to:
Pre-school Manager
c/o Greenhill Primary School
Mile Lane
Telephone enquiries: 07715 806216