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Ofsted Report – September 2018

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Greenhill Primary School on Mile Lane, Bury were visited by Ofsted on 18th September 2018.

Inspectors praised the leadership team of the school for maintaining ‘the good quality of education at the school’.

In a letter to the Headteacher Sean Crosier they highlighted his ‘ambitious vision for the school’ since his appointment as Headteacher in September 2017. They also recognised that ‘staff morale is high’ and that ‘the school makes good provision for their children’s academic and social development’.

They also reported that pupils are polite and friendly and their behaviour is consistently good.

The Ofsted report also highlights ‘a strong safeguarding culture within the school’ and how ‘pupils have welcomed the introduction of more visits out of school to support their learning’.

The inspection report also underlined the successful work school has completed to promote reading across the school with ‘many pupils saying that reading is their favourite subject in school’.

Next steps identified for the school were to ensure ‘in subjects other than Mathematics and English, there is a clearer progression in how pupil’s knowledge and skills are built up over time, so that the curriculum successfully deepens pupil learning’ and ‘teachers have consistently high expectations of what pupils can achieve across a wide range of subjects’.

Headteacher Sean Crosier said :“We are pleased that the inspection report recognises our ambitious vision for Greenhill and celebrates the many successes of our school community.Making learning fun and enriching the curriculum with exciting and engaging experiences supports positive pupil outcomes.We have some amazing pupils in our school and it is a fantastic place to be for staff and pupils alike.”

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