School Details Medical Conditions

The school needs to know of all medical conditions affecting your child, however trivial they may seem. We ask all parents to fill in a student update form every year giving details of any conditions. Please ensure that these are updated as appropriate and the school office is notified of any amendments in year.

Prescribed medication can only be given at school in special circumstances and by the agreement of the Headteacher, please refer to the Medicines Policy. Please note that medicines can only be administered at lunchtime, except in the case of inhalers and emergency treatment. A record of all medicines to be administered at school is kept in the Medical Room therefore it is important that all medicine is handed in at the School office.

Medicines should not be kept in school bags or the classroom, for obvious safety reasons. A letter should be sent to school accompanying medicines explaining the dosage needed and all medication should be clearly labelled with the child’s name on it. It is important to ensure that you or your child collects any medicines from the School office at the end of the day.

Medicines Policy

The Medicines Policy is a model policy, drafted by Bury LA and is in line with new government guidance; if you require any further information then please contact the school office.