Community Governors

Chair of Governors Sub-committee Appointed

Term of Office ends

Mrs Janet Butterworth Teaching and Learning 31/08/2015 31/08/2019
LA Governors
Mr Dene Vernon Finance and Infrastructure 31/08/2015 30/08/2019
Parent Governors
Mr Jonathan Wood Teaching and Learning 26/02/17 25/02/21
Mr Steven Hand Teaching and Learning 26/02/17 25/02/21
Mrs Helen Percival Finance and Infrastructure 14/12/2014 13/12/2018
Mr John Aitken Finance, and Infrastructure 26/02/17 25/02/21
Community Governors
Mrs Joan Heffernan Teaching And Learning 23/05/2016 22/052020
Mrs Sara Tomlinson Finance and Infrastructure 10/10/2014 09/10/2018
Staff Governors
Mr Sean Crosier


Finance and Infrastructure / Teaching and Learning Ongoing
Mrs Vicki Lee Teaching and Learning 13/10/2013 12/10/2017
Associate Governor (observer)
Mr Jason Artley

Mrs Sandra Smith

Teaching and Learning

Finance and Infrastructure


The Chair of Governors Mrs Janet Butterworth is recognised as a National lead in Governance and works alongside other Governors in Bury and beyond. Currently no other Governors have responsibilities at other schools.

Governors are required to disclose and relevant business and pecuniary interests at each Governing Body Meeting and at least once annually. Currently there are no relevant business or pecuniary interests as recorded in the register of interests as of September 2017.

Governors attend meetings regularly and overall attendance is high.  It is rare that a Governor does not attend meetings over a prolonged period of time; records of attendance are held in school.
Governor Attendance Record 16/17

If you would like more information about becoming a school governor, or have matters that you may wish to raise with the governing body, you can contact us through the school office or by writing to:

Chair of Governors
c/o Greenhill Primary School
Mile Lane