Key Policies Equality

Equality Duty Statement 2017


Greenhill Primary School will abide by the provisions of the Equality Act 2010. It is committed to giving due regard to equal treatment and opportunity for all staff, pupils and members of the wider community. We do all that we can to eliminate discrimination and foster good relations amongst all connected with the school.
Greenhill Primary is an average sized primary school with approximately 250 children compared to the national average of 245.


Equality Objectives 2019– 2020

To rigorously monitor progress of all SEND pupil groups to identify under performance and adjust provision to support progress.
To improve attendance and achievement rates of our EAL cohorts by working effectively in partnership with children and families.
To improve outcomes for our LAC cohort, again working in partnership with childen and families.
This objective is rigorously monitored by the School Leadership Team and the Full Governing Body.