Parents E-Safety

At Greenhill we take online safety (e-safety) extremely seriously and reinforce this with the children regularly through lessons, assemblies and themed days. We are also continually trying to build links with parents in this area so we can work together to ensure the safety of our children.  Click the links to see our key policies:

Acceptable Use and Internet policy 2020
Online safety (e-safety) and social networking policy 2020

The school is a member of Parent Zone and this allows both school and parents to access various resources to support children with learning to be safe online. The website offers guidance and support to staff and parents to give them the confidence to support children in a proactive manner, as well as identifying warning signs. Click below to go to the website:




Below are other useful websites that explain how to:
* protect your child when they are using the internet;
* promote safe on-line behaviour; and
* develop awareness of the potential threats when on-line.

Thinkuknow provides excellent information for parents and children about internet safety.
NSPCC Online Safety provides helpful advice on keeping your child safe online.
Digital Parenting has excellent advice and guidance for parents around e-safety.
Parent Info provides great advice on how to ensure safe use of social media apps