Key Policies Behaviour

The school encourages good behaviour through developing a system of rules for good behaviour and introducing a set of School Values that underpin school life, including;

  • Cultivating an acceptance and recognition of pupils responsibility for their own actions
  • Assisting pupils to understand the consequences of their own decisions
  • Promoting awareness of how personal behaviour affects others
  • Developing self discipline and mutual respect
  • Giving positive support to both victims and perpetrators of inappropriate behaviour

The Pupil Parliament regularly talk about behaviour including rewards and sanctions.

They agreed the following school rules:

  • Don’t bully others
  • Always walk around school
  • Show respect to others and their belongings and school property
  • Be polite and use good manners at all times
  • Stay in school from when we arrive to when we go home, and never leave school without permission
  • Always listen carefully and do as we are told
  • Keep our hands and feet to ourselves

Behaviour Management Policy 2020-2021