School Details Attendance

Attendance at school is a vital part of the education process and provides the maximum opportunity for learning. It allows the children to achieve and succeed at school

Attendance including unauthorised absence
Parents are requested to inform school either by letter or by telephone to notify reasons for a child’s absence. Your co-operation enables us to comply with Government Regulations. The number of  pupils of currently on roll is 245.

Attendance for 2020/21 is currently  97.2%  (September 2020)

The % of authorised absence in 2018/19 was 2.9%

The % of unauthorised absence in 2018/19 was 0.5%

Leave of Absence
The Governing Body support the DfE drive to improve attendance and discourage Holidays in Term Time. We would strongly encourage all parents to avoid disrupting their child’s education by not taking holidays within the school term. Requests for Leave of Absence during term time should be made directly to the headteacher via the School Office . For all requests for leave of absence and application form must be completed and an appointment made with the headteacher, outlining the circumstances for the request.

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