Parents Admissions

Parents who are considering sending their children to the school are welcome to visit the school beforehand by arrangement with the Headteacher. It is helpful in assisting with future planning if parents register the name of prospective pupils with the Local Authority at the earliest opportunity.

Parents can apply for a school place online  or print off and return the CAF direct to Admissions Team, Department for Children, Young People & Culture on or before 15th January 2017.

All Reception class children are admitted within the first few weeks of the Autumn term of the school year in which they become five. The number of children to be admitted is agreed between the Governing Body and the Local Authority. Our intake limit has been set at thirty-five children. If applications exceed more than thirty-five the following selection criteria apply: –

  1. Children with older brothers or sisters in school at the date of admission.
  2. Geographical nearness to school.

Parents of children allocated a place will be informed, in writing, approximately three months before the date of admission. Parents who are unsuccessful in gaining a place because the school is oversubscribed may appeal to the Local Authority for admission. The Headteacher will advise parents on the procedure to follow.

Reception Booklet 2017