Mysterious creature sightings at Greenhill

By William and Holly Y4

During the bank holiday weekend, Mr. Crosier spotted a mysterious creature on the CCTV cameras so he sent the Year 4 class an email saying that there is a creature that has been lurking through the hallways! Mr Crosier stated, “Something strange is happening at Greenhill!” After the shock of this creature, we decided to investigate. We looked in the book: Fantastic beasts and where to find them, and discovered that this creature is called a Demiguise. At first, we were all shocked about the presence of this Demiguise. This creature is incredibly dangerous (it had a 4 X classification)! We decided that we should write to someone in the Department of the control over magical creatures in the Ministry of magic. They responded with a magical message saying that they had caught this pesky creature and returned it to the World of witchcraft and wizardry!

Before we knew it was gone, all of the Year 4s came up with ideas and theories about this creature. We found out that its fur is the material used to create invisibility cloaks. We also researched that every Demiguise can see into the likely future. That is all we know for now and we will keep you updated if any other magical creatures manage to get into our school.