Demiguise spotted in a muggle school!

By year 4 news reporters Neive and Mason

Something very unusual has happened in Greenhill School this week. On Tuesday morning, we received an Email from our head teacher, Mr Crosier. It said, “I have just checked the CCTV footage after the bank holidays and there was a strange creature roaming around the school halls, I wonder if you can investigate? As I am in meetings today.” This doesn’t normally happen after a bank holiday.

Some children thought they already knew or have seen things about this creature. ”I’m sure I have seen this Demiguise in Fantastic Beasts,” stated Sophie.

“I think I saw this creature in a book,” said Ayesha

So we checked the Fantastic Beast book that our teacher Miss. amatt had and it said that the Ministry of Magic had rated the Demiguise a four x. This means that it is dangerous but it can be harmless and only a skilled wizard should handle it, but if it is threatened it could be vicious, so we began to investigate.

Some of the people in our class began to form groups that would be the investigators. Soon they had found and experienced lots of unusual things.

“I found fluff that looks exactly like the Demiguises!” said Emma.

“I found scratches on some of the bark that fell off the tree,” stated Bibi

“Lots of weird things have been happening at home aswell as in school,” said Amelia.

After these clues we started looking on the internet for the people who were in charge of these animals. Finally, we discovered that the ministry of magic controlled the magical creatures. Without further a doo, we started to write letters to the ministry of magic to inform them about this creature.

A few days later, we received a video message from Mathilda Grimblehawk, who worked at the ministry of magic and she told us that the Demiguise had been captured.

We are all safe!