Demiguise on the loose in Greenhill primary school

By year 4 reporters Jack & Isra

Something amazing happened this week. Our head teacher looked on the CCTV footage and saw something mysterious. We read the fantastic beasts and where to find them and found out that this beast was a deimiguise that can turn invisible when in danger and it was rated XXXX and that was no good to have running amok in a “muggle” (people) inhabited area!

Our classmates decided to look for the demiguise. This is what we found: a hair of the demiguise, orange scratches on wood pieces, log suddenly falling over on its own, radio turning on its own. We found out that the eye colour was blue and brown and we also found out that it can look into the likely future. We contacted Mathilda Grimblehawk from ministry of magic (M.o.M) and then sent them a letter and they said the demigiuse can be dangerous in a muggle “people” in-habited area. After that, we made waring posters and we placed them all around the school.

Noah said, “This beast is very dangerous, we need to get it out of this school!” The very next day, we came in for English and we saw a message from Mathilda Grimblehawk saying the demiguise was caught! Although, we saw more mysterious things. Maybe there is another beast? We might need to look further.