Reception Autumn 2


We have had another busy term in Reception!

This term we have learnt all about light and dark and asked the question ‘where does the sun go at night?’ We enjoyed exploring the dark den with our torches and making lots of funny looking shadow puppets! During our art time, we made some beautiful silhouette Northern Light pictures with lots of colourful chalk.

We changed our role play area into a post office – which we loved and enjoyed writing and posting our letters through the post box.

During the run up to Christmas, we were lucky enough to watch TWO pantomimes. We also took part in ‘The Sleepy Shepherd’ nativity play. The whole class were excellent and a credit to themselves.

Just before Christmas, we caught Father Christmas on our secret video camera outside! He left us a present with a note asking if we could become elves for the week and help him complete a list of jobs. After a weeks worth of wrapping presents, decorating pictures and writing cards, Father Christmas hand delivered us another HUGE present. Inside were lots of certificates and elf pictures of the children – we were all very excited!!!