Reception Autumn 2 2017

Welcome to the Reception Class Page!

The children have settled well over the last few weeks and they are now familiar with the routines and have made lots of new friends!

This half term our topic is Light and Dark. Please find a brief overview of our learning intentions below.

Communication and Language

We will listen and respond to a range of stories and begin to share our ideas. We will continue to practise taking turns in conversation and listen to the ideas of others. We will continue to learn new words and have lots of opportunity to use language through role play.

Physical Development

We will have the opportunity to take part in daily outdoor play in order to practise our gross motor skills. We will take part in a weekly PE session in the hall, focusing on our awareness of space and moving with control and coordination.  We will use different resources to help develop our fine motor control and also take part in Dough Disco sessions.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

In addition to making relationships and gaining confidence in our new class, we will be focusing on the theme of Safety. We will talk about firework safety, road safety and safety in the home. We will also be thinking about how we treat others and take part in a range of activities during Anti-bullying week.


We will continue to take part in a daily phonics session to help us learn new sounds and to practise our blending skills. We will listen to a range of stories and begin to bring home reading books to share with our families to help develop a love of reading. We will continue to practise writing our names and have the opportunty to use a range of mark making resources.

Mathematical Development

We will continue to consolidate our numbers and counting to 10. We will focus on 2D shapes and patterns. We will begin to use the vocaulary related to addition and subtraction and be able to say 1 more or less than a number up to 10. We will also focus on money and begin to recognise some coins. We will use money in our role play activities.

Understanding the World

We will focus on our topic, ‘Light and Dark’. We will be thinking about where the day goes at night, nocturnal animals and shadows. We will also be able to explore in the dark den using a range of resources.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will have opportunities to sing, dance and make music on a daily basis. We will learn new songs and rhymes related to our learning. We will take part in a range of creative activities using different media and materials.