Year 5 Autumn 1 2017

Welcome back to school and to Year 5! I hope you all had a lovely summer.

A few notes – spellings will be given on a Monday and tested the following Monday. The children will have a sheet to practise them on each night.

Homework grids have been given for the half term. Something is due each Friday. This can be: a completed piece, My Maths or a note from parents to say a piece is currently being worked on.

PE will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Full kit must be in school.

In English, Y5 will be learning about Legends. They will learn the story of Odysseus and the Cyclops as a class. The children will research and draw mythical beasts and plan their own Legends to write too. This half term we will also be covering a unit of work on Instructions where we will learn How to Capture a Dragon as well as completing a group piece of work based around a short animated film called ‘The Piano’.

We will begin this half term with a look at place value. This will include looking at positive and negative number, the value of digits, addition and subtraction.

Our Science topic is Earth and Space. The children will be finding out lots of things including facts about all the planets and their order from the sun. This website had lots of useful information:

Learning Across the Curriculum
Has Greece Always Been in The News? is the first unit of work we will study. This will include Geographical and Historical elements as well as tying into our English work. The BBC education site has some great information.

We are going to be finding out about the 1st Olympic games, what it was like to be a Greek soldier, how buildings have changed since the Ancient Greek times as well as looking at some famous and influential Greeks including writers of the time. We will also be researching Greek Gods and mythical beasts.

We will be doing a range of Athletics and trying to link these to those in the Olympic games, again to tie in with our Learning Across the Curriculum work.

We will be focussing on the origins and composition of the Bible.

The children will continue to develop their computing skills throughout other areas of the curriculum where appropriate but will also have a focus on developing their knowledge of Esafety.

Madam Bell will teaching the class weekly, delivering the topic of ’Food’. The children will find out about famous French dishes, how to order in a restaurant and will produce short role plays to demonstrate their skills.