Niffler Seen in Muggle World by Erin Davies and Dex Haworth


Monday 8th May 2017

Niffler seen in muggle world

By Dex and Erin

Something very exciting happened in year 4 class on Monday when Miss Amatt came in to do some marking before we all arrived. Our classroom was a mess. Books were scattered all over the floor, crayons were everywhere and a lot of sharpeners were missing . After all the mess we thought we should do some research so we got the Fantastic Beasts book out and looked through it. Then we found a page that said the Niffler. It said the Niffler can cause destruction indoors. Then we asked Mr Artley to look at the CCTV and he found a picture of the Niffler in our hall way . The next day we wrote some letters and Mr Amos Diggory, the Head of Department at the Ministry of Magic, and sent us a video message back saying he will catch the Niffler . The next day we found a Niffler nest with lots of shiny things in including Miss Amatt’s bracelet. We hope there will be no more trouble and this mischievous creature will leave us alone.